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forte d'une expérience de plus de 7 ans dans la prestigieuse université de médecine américaine, Weill Cornell Medicine, je suis capable à partir de vos données d'écrire vos articles scientifiques en biologie et/ou de les vulgariser. Je peux vous aider à gérer ou définir vos projets.

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94000 Créteil Fr

Expertise :

In the following industries:
Recherche et développement et médicale

Fields of practice:
Biologie cellulaire, Génétique, Cancérologie

Management teams your interventions may concern:
Direction R&D Direction Technique Documentation

Types of interventions:
Je commence donc je suis prête pour tout type d'interventions

Training courses attended:
Habilitation à diriger les recherches (HDR) Université Paris 12

Licence Biologie cellulaire Université du Havre
Master de Physiopathologie Université de Caen
Doctorat (PhD)de biologie cellulaire spécialité oncologie


Led training courses:

Computer skills:

Languages: Fr En 0

Some references:
Weill Cornell Medicine
L'institut du sein de Nice

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hold a PHD in cell biology and I am principal investigator in France since
September 2018. I worked in an oncology and stem cell lab for 7 years in Weill
Cornell Medicine-Qatar. My field of expertise is cell biology and therefore I
have an extensive experience with mammalian cell culture (primary, cell line,
stem cells…), flow cytometry as well as microscopy (confocal and
epifluorescence). I managed a flow cytometry core facility in Cornell for more
than 1 year during my second year of Post-doc. Moreover, I was able to gather
around 2 million dollars of research found through grant writing over the past
8 years. I have a scientific knowledge in the field of Stem cell
(differentiation of stem cell in cardiomyocytes for organ regeneration), cancer
(ovarian and breast mainly), as well as diabetes and their cardiovascular

I’m fluent in English and French (mother tongue) and mobile
internationally. During my 7 years in Qatar, I pushed my natural social
aptitude further in an international and multicultural context to work
collaboratively and established effective working relationships.
This experience improved my interpersonal skills, giving me the ability to work
collaboratively as a member of functional team as well as the aptitude to
establish and maintain effective working relationships. Moreover, due to my
implication in all the lab projects, I have been asked to coach and coordinate
part of the research in the lab under the kind guidance of our principal
investigator. Therefore, I have good management skills as I organized the work
schedule of three laboratory technicians as well as two students (master and
PhD) every day. I have strong organizational skills and the ability to work
effectively in a high paced, fast changing environment both independently and
as part of a dynamic team.

After 8 years in academic field, I feel like I’m ready to switch
to freelance and independent work. I realized that the rhythm and the
atmosphere of academic research don’t fulfil my personality. I am excited with
the idea of being involved in different projects to draw new possibilities of
applications. As a PhD, I believe I have good sound
judgement and possess great problem-solving skills. My passion for
research and learning led me to have a broad scientific knowledge in different
field as well as a significant hands-on laboratory experience, and the
combination of these different experiences can be an advantage to be successful
in this new adventure. I created my structure in January 2020 and I'll be very
happy and honoured to be considered to work on your project.

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you in anticipation
for your consideration


Scientific Director From September 2019

Nice Breast Institute

Santa Maria,

57, Avenue de
la Californie

06200, Nice,
Principal investigator Sept 2018-August

U955 - EQ07, UPEC Créteil, France.

multicellular 3D spheroid culture developement
Establishement of a
new 3D culture to study cancer-microenvironement interactions
Primary cell culture
from ovarian cancer samples
SDF1-alpha role in the
resistance to intraperitoneal hypertermic chemotherapy (HIPEC)

Research Associate (Senior Scientist) June 2014-August 2018
Stem cell and cancer microenvironment lab, Weill
Cornell Medicine, Doha – Qatar

Akt implication in
formation of organized multicellular 3D spheroid between endothelial and
tumor cells
Role of IL-6 in resistance
to chemotherapy in ovarian cancer
Comparison of
exosome sequencing of saliva and tumor biopsy in patient with cancer
SDF1-alpha role in
breast cancer cell interactions with stromal cells through Rhogtapse
protein modulation
Influence of
peritoneal surgical stress on chemoresistance and metastasis in ovarian
Metabolic signatures
in ovarian cells
through tunneling nanotubes
Epigenetics and
cardiovascular disease in diabetes
Cell sorting of
Monocytes and Lymphocytes from diabetics patients
How cancer
microparticles VE-cadherin cleavage through Integrin/MMP phosphorylates
endothelial β-catenin
Generation of
cardiomyocytes from embryonic stem cells
Participation to grant writting (1 grant of 300 000 $ obtained as
lead PI: JSREP No.: 4 – 013 – 3 – 005, 2 grants of 900 000$ obtained as

supervision of PhD student and Medical school student

Postdoctoral Associate May
2011- May 2014

Stem cell and cancer microenvironment lab, Weill
Cornell Medicine, Doha – Qatar

Cross talk between
cancer cells lines (ovarian and breast) and tumor microenvironement.
mediated cross-talk between tumoral and endothelial cells
Implication of
tunneling nanotubes communication from endothelial to cancer cells in the
modulation of chemoresistance
Generation of
cardiomyocytes from embryonic stem cells
Set up of the flow
cytometry and cells sorting plateform
Participation to
grant writting
supervision of PhD student and Medical school student

PhD Student Sept 2007- March 2011
Laboratory of ecotoxicology (LEMA) UPRES EA-3222, Le
Havre, France

Cell to cell
intercellular exchange of protein
transfer of P-glycoprotein by microparticles and tunneling nanotube
Creation of
new protocol to assay P-glycoprotein activity in cells
Role of
P-glycoprotein in cell volume regulation
Set up of the
Beckman Coulter flow cytometry platform in the laboratory
to study the phenomen of MXR (multixenobiotic resistance) in Mytilus edulis hemocytes

Internship of MasterOct 2006- July 2007
Laboratory of ecotoxicology (LEMA) UPRES EA-3222, Le
Havre, France

Exploring modulation of action potential
firing by artificial graft of fast GABAergic autaptic afferences in
hypophyseal neuroendocrine melanotrope cells
Implication of
potassium channel in P-glycoprotein activity
signalization and cellular detoxification
of Mytilus edulis hemocyte subpopulations by single cell time-lapse
motility imaging

Volunteer research studentApril-Oct

« Neurodégénérescence, modèles et stratégies thérapeutiques » Centre
Cycéron, Caen, France.

Synergistic effects of CoCl(2) and ROCK
inhibition on mesenchymal stem cell differentiation into neuron-like cells
Hypoxic effect
on mesenchymal stem
cell differentiation into neuron-like cells

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